Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tidal Thames to Brentford

We had a very pretty view from the boat of  Kingston-upon-Thames waterfront last night.  Today we set off for the 1/2 hour journey to get to Teddington Lock at 11:30 (in time for the tide change) and our journey down to Brentford.
On the way we saw some very strange house boats (there were three in a row here)   …………..
………………..and also some very cute ones!
On our arrival at Teddington Lock we moored up behind a wonderful old wooden boat.
James took the opportunity to chat to the owner and it turned out that the boat was built for the first owner and then immediately commandeered for Dunkirk.  
Through Teddington Lock and we were on the tidal section of the Thames and going quite fast with the outgoing tide.  The enormous Ham House dominates the river and surrounding area just before we get to Richmond.
Approaching Richmond Bridge, built in 18th century it’s said to be one of the prettiest on the Thames.
After Richmond Bridge comes Richmond half tide lock (at the far right of the bridge) and the movable weir.  Luckily, one of the gates of the movable weir was raised for maintenance and we could see exactly how this structure works.  It was built in 1894, beautifully painted and is probably more attractive than Richmond Bridge.
It was great to speed through the vast areas of open water……..
….. soon getting to Thames Lock at Brentford and the start of the canal network.  As we turned off the river into the lock channel we really felt the pull of the tide trying to take us further down the river and we had to pile on some extra power to get us in.
There isn’t much mooring here at Brentford above the gauging locks at the moment, due to construction of apartments next to the canal, so we’re breasted up with nb ‘Tartan Rose’,who we came down with from Teddington.  It’s not very picturesque here but we’ve decided to call it a day and tackle the Hanwell flight of locks tomorrow.


  1. Are you heading into London or up the GU?

    Indigo Dream is moored below Coppermill lock on the GU, but I think you'll be long past before we get there on Friday :-(

    Never mind, I hope that our paths will cross again one day :-)

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  2. Hi Sue, Have sent you an email, as we are heading into London for a while but up the GU eventually! Hopefully we can arrange to meet up.

  3. Hi Doug and James,

    Love the new look. All that water eh! Was the Thames your inspiration?? Only one tiny problem I can see with it. On your blog post boaters list it is very difficult to make out the name of who has posted. Maybe changing the colour of the text would help. Other then that its great, quite unique in fact.

    Welcome back to the canals. No doubt it will feel a bit tame after your travels on the Thames. We are hopefully away for the rally in Pelsall early June. Cant wait to get going again. It's been a long 9 months.

    Much love to you both

    Irene & Ian

  4. Hi Irene and Ian, Many Thanks for that I hadn't realised!! All sorted now I think not sure about the colours? may have another play with it at some point. Have a great time at your rally this weekend, sorry we couldn't be there, looks very packed! Doug and James xx

  5. We will keep an eye on your blog and maybe cross paths. We are doing the same in opposite direction. How long did that tidal section take?

  6. Hi Elly and Mick, about an hour from Teddington to Brentford, will send you an email so we can try and meet up letting you know our wherabouts!