Monday, 13 May 2013

Leisurely day to Bourne End.

We had a very quiet night at Hurley, leaving at about 9:30 and yet again, we were blessed with sunshine.  Stupidly, James sprained his ankle getting off the boat during preparations for today’s journey. Ouch!
Getting to Temple Lock took only a few minutes where we were reminded how closer we are to London.
The beautiful and very old Bisham Abbey between Hurley and Marlow.
They’re still building new mansions around here!
When we got to Marlow we moored up temporarily to get some supplies and James had time to check his ankle.  He does this trick quite often but this time it’s a beauty!  Anyway, he’s still able to carry out his duties which is the main thing – this ship doesn’t carry freeloaders.IMG_0112
Coffee and bread pudding at Marlow, taken while the washing finishes, then we can switch off the engine and go into town.
We had a visit from a little Mandarin duck – they’re getting quite common the further we journey down the river.
Casting off from Marlow we head through the suspension bridge built in 1860.
There are some dramatic stretches to be enjoyed - very high, wooded banks with lovely old properties that have fantastic views up and down the river.
Delusions of grandeur perhaps, but still worth well into the millions……….
……….and some worth a whole lot more than that.
Another 30 minutes or so we arrived at Bourne End, where we’re stopping for the night at “The Bounty”on their free moorings.  The people that own this incredibly popular pub (on the opposite side of the river to the the town and only accessed by boat!), are so welcoming of everyone, even those with dirty wellies and dogs!
In 2007, when we had an alternator failure on our previous boat, these kind people gave us free mooring and shore power for nearly two weeks while we had the alternator sent away for refurbishment by the boatyard which is directly opposite.
Here we are on “The Bounty’s”  moorings, where we’re looking forward to a good meal tonight.  The wind has increased substantially through the day and, although we still have sunshine, we’re glad we’re roped up by now.  We took a quick walk into the town (James hobbling well!) and on the way we made ourselves known to fellow blogger Ken on nb ‘Dogma’, who is moored at the boatyard opposite.
This is the The Bounty boat which brings supplies, and customers, back and forth across the river.

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  1. Poor James, good thing there's no hopping on and off at locks on the Thames. Good excuse to get the cabin boy waiting on you!
    Hope it feels better soon.