Wednesday, 22 May 2013

6:30 am to Paddington.

We took a walk around the Thames and its backwaters yesterday evening – finally ending up in Kew where we decided to get the bus back to Brentford.
We took the Thames Path for some of the way which took us down to the lock channel we used yesterday when we came off the Thames.  The tide had gone out and was coming back in by this time but you can see the high water mark on the piling. 
This is one of the backwaters just off the main river. 
Today was a long day (for us anyway) starting off from Brentford at 6:30 this morning!
The Hanwell flight of 6 locks was quite easy.  All ten locks today were in our favour and all the paddles and gates easy to use.  It all felt very rural considering we were travelling through the outskirts of London.
The stretch of canal from the top of the locks to Bulls Bridge Junction was pretty awful and mucky but thankfully we didn’t get anything round the prop.  We passed nb ‘Valerie’ on our journey today but fellow bloggers Les and Jaq were not around to say hello to.  We’re sorry to miss you both.
IMG_0351Turning onto the Paddington Arm improved the water quality tremendously.  These visitor moorings along the way looked more like Slimbridge Wildlife Sanctuary and were not very usable.
The first half of the Paddington Arm felt very rural………..
…….and although it was a cold journey today it wasn’t as cold as James seemed to think.   He just wanted to use his new Trappers hat.
Among the many different floating things people choose to live in, this one stands out a bit!  Obviously some kind of old safety boat – probably from an oil rig?
The last part of our journey into Paddington got a bit more urban.
Paddington Basin was pretty well full up when we arrived, six and half hours after we started, but luckily someone was about to leave so all was well. We had a funny few minutes trying to rope up on just the two mooring rings supplied, which were totally in the wrong place, but we are very grateful to have a slot at all.
Safely tucked in this evening and for neighbours we have fellow bloggers James and Debbie on nb ‘Lois Jane’ who arrived just before us today. They came along to introduce themselves and we hope to meet up with them soon for a drink.


  1. We were moored where the boat beside you is when we were in Paddington Basin 3 years ago. Rog had to go into hospital at St Mary's when he had gangrene in his big toe.Not very far to go to visit him! That little footbridge just behind your boat rolls up - I was there when they tested it - it's fascinating to watch. I think they test it on Thursdays, but they will be able to tell you on the BW/C&RT boat moored just before the basin starts.
    Pip xxx

  2. Enjoy your stay, we loved it in Paddington/London. Have a drink for us - cheers to you both, and say hi to Deb & James. Jacq & Stein.

  3. That's exactly the spot we moored in on our visit to Paddington basin. The bridge rolls up every Friday at noon.

  4. Hi guys, seems strange to think we are both back on the GU, but about 80 miles apart! Enjoy London!


  5. Hi Guys. Been following your travels and see as usual, the weather is mainly kind to you. Have a great time in the smoke. Ali is worried about the lengh of ropee required in order to negotiate the locks safeley. Would are usual 10m ones be long enough?

    Cheers for now. :)

  6. Thanks Pip and Adam for the comment on the bridge, we shall hope to see it tomorrow...

    Hi Jacquie and Stein, we all had a drink on you last night, as James and Debbie came aboard for a great night!

    Hi Ian and Karen, Its amazing how far apart we have gone! Enjoy the Nene, will keep in touch x

    Hi John your ropes should be fine, none of the locks are too deep.