Thursday, 9 May 2013

Magic Marcus and Rock-a-Bye Baby!

Today was incredibly windy and ‘Chance’ is rocking so much that we’re very glad we’re in the safety of the marina.  Two boats went out today (brave or mad we’re not sure), the first boat failed to get out of its berth safely and nearly got blown into us, as we’re moored in the “open” at the end of the main water.


Marcus (the magician) found a gap in his schedule and fitted our small job in today instead of tomorrow.  It was just a loose fuel feed hose onto a bleed valve and was soon fixed.  Marcus noticed a few paint chips on the engine and said to James “I know what you’re like, so I’ll lend you my tin of Beta Marine green paint and you can touch them up”.  So, James made good the few areas on the engine and it now looks as good as new.


Doug made a trip into Reading on the train to buy a new DAB Radio / iPod docking station from John Lewis.  Our old one suddenly gave up the ghost a couple of days ago and so our Sony, which sounded very good, has now turned into a Roberts, which sounds even better.


Our move yesterday evening, of just a few yards along from the service point, has given us a nice view across the open water to the marina entrance from the river.  However, it’s also meant that we have the full force of the increasingly strong wind (and rain showers) through the day.  Still, everything’s a compromise! We’ve taken advantage of having shore power to do the washing, which has accumulated over the last week.  While Doug’s been in Reading, James has managed to get it dried outside – bringing it in every time there’s been a shower!  The only other worthwhile job he’s achieved today is to clean the “dodger”.  It’s a  regular job as, being white, it shows all the marks, but certainly looks better now.

We’re hunkered down for the evening now and tonight it’s looking like: “when the wind blows the cradle will rock”.

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