Sunday, 5 May 2013

Happy Families.

While we waited for our daughter Frances and partner Kel to arrive James was able to scrub the roof (as it was still cold and wouldn’t evaporate the water) and Doug made a quiche and muffins so that we don’t starve over the next few days.


Frances and Kel arrived at 11 o’clock and we’d set sail before twelve.  By that time the sun had come out and so had the drinks and nibbles!


James and Frances having a moment together.  Poor Frances is suffering from a frozen shoulder not a broken arm!


Notice most of the nibble are gone!.


We reached Kintbury, which was our intended mooring for this evening, fairly quickly but decided to saunter on a bit more.  We found a great “soft” mooring just short of Drewetts Lock.  We thought we might be undisturbed on this stretch but were  rather pleasantly surprised at the number of boats that passed us in both directions.  In fact, at one point there was bit of a queue at the lock. It was nice to see people enjoying things at last as the K and A has been incredibly quiet since we’ve been on it.


Tied up and time to open the bubbly and relax.  France, Kel, (Hixie the dog) and Doug all enjoying pre dinner drinks in the sunshine.

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  1. Hi guys, a quick but huge thank you for mentioning our engine problems to Victoria and Spencer, we pulled up for diesel and would have chugged off again had it not been for you. They found a load of water at the bottom of the tank... and you were right they are stars!! So thanks, we owe you a drink sometime. Emma and Nick x (Marpessa)