Monday, 27 May 2013

Oh, not again!

On Saturday evening we went out to Soho – met up with a couple of lads, Nigel and Phillip, in a bar and then all went on to a club.  We got back to the boat at 4:30 in the morning (again !!!!) just as it was starting to get light.  Needless to say Sunday morning was lost to us! But we had a great night, thanks guys for your company.


We thought we ought to show the canal basin here in Paddington.  Very clean and tidy with security staff keeping an eye on us all.  ‘Chance’  is second row on the left – luckily in a position which gets the sunshine all day.


We went out for dinner at “Ask” in Paddington on Sunday evening.  Good food (as expected) but the service was poor.

Today we took the tube to Kings Cross and located the London Canal Museum close by.  Then walked along the canal to Camden.  It was crazily busy with a great atmosphere, as Camden always is.


The High Street was full of stalls selling tourist tat –sadly, most of the interesting shops have gone.  Talking to one longstanding retailer we learnt that most of the good shops have gone as “tourists only want something for under a fiver these days”.  Shame.


Getting back to the canal we met with fellow bloggers Sue and Richard on nb ‘ Indigo Dream’ who we knew were making their way back to Limehouse Basin. 


We helped them through the locks at Camden and they kindly invited us to travel with them for a while.  We ended up going all the way to Limehouse with them which helped us keep our hand in with operating locks!  This is ‘Indigo Dream’ about to enter the Islington Tunnel.


Doug and Sue (with ‘Cassie’, a friends dog they are looking after for a few days).


A very rare Tudor narrow boat!


A great view of Canary Wharf from the Regents Canal.


James, with Richard steering ‘Indigo Dream’ into their berth in Limehouse Marina.

We’ve had a great day in glorious sunshine with Sue and Richard – it was really nice to catch up with you both and thanks for your hospitality.  Getting back to Paddington we’ve had a quick KFC and looking forward to an earlier night.


  1. Well Hello hello Doug and James!! It was great meeting you both last Saturday night and if it's of any consolation, we didn't get back to Nigel's place until around 5.30am! We took what was probably the longest and mosty boring night bus ride ever. We thoroughly enjoyed the evening with the two of you and had so much fun. And so unexpected it was as we weren't even going to go out that evening. I suppose we all owe a huge Thanks to Dame Helen Mirren for bringing us all together!

    Anyway, hopefully we'll get to meet up again up in Manchester at the end of August? And James, I loved chatting to you about particle physics etc, regardless of the giggling and smirkings from the other two. Hope we get to talk more about that subject soon.
    We're enjoying your blogs and will be following them from now on. Chance looks wonderful too, You lucky fellas.

    Chat soon and happy travels
    Philip and Nigel. Xx

  2. Thanks Guys, It was a great night, hope to catch up again sometime. Sorry to hear about the long journey home! x