Saturday, 11 May 2013

Back on the Thames again.

Last evening, Andy and Leanne on nb ‘Avoca’ arrived and moored up behind us at the Old Gaol in Reading.  They came on board for a drink with us and we ended up with a “bring and share” supper.  We had a great time with them but probably ruined their ‘street cred’ as they may have been planning to go out on the town!


Doug, Andy and Leanne tucking in.


Sadly, this morning we noticed the Coot chicks, in their nest close to the boat,  were one down from last night when we last saw them. We could see the dead one near the nest. Now there are only seven.


After a very quiet night (again) in Reading, we took off quite late this morning at 10:30 but we were soon in our first Thames lock at Sonning. Very pretty and well kept with informative and helpful lock keepers.


After coming through Sonning Bridge we passed Sonning Court where Uri Geller lives.  You can moor outside for £10 a night!


This stretch of the river gets even more interesting downstream of Reading.  There are some stupendous properties to be seen – this one has literally 10’s of acres of perfectly mown lawn.


In this neck of the woods we’re mixing with “big boys toys”.  Some of these cruisers are very big and shiny.


We have to admire these stunningly attractive, and sometimes quirky, houses.  After mooring up we took a walk behind this house and it’s just as nice on the other side.


We decided to moor up at Wargrave, on the Environment Agency moorings, where we’ve got some very posh places to look at opposite.


We decided to take a walk to Henley-on-Thames,where we had some late lunch / early dinner.  After walking back we’d notched up 8 miles!  This was an interesting road bridge we walked over along the A321.


As we were walking down the narrow lane to our mooring spot we were given a wave from the “lovely” Debbie Magee as she drove into the house that she and Paul Daniels live in.


We’ve had a good, almost dry, day today and it’s great to be on the river again, although we hope it’s present placid nature holds out while we’re on it.  We don’t have a very good relationship with the Thames as it’s gone into flood every time we’ve been on it – and right at this moment of writing the rain is hammering down!  

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