Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Newbury to Thatcham.

Last evening Frances and James had a nice “father and daughter” meal at Prezzo in Newbury.


We thought we should show one of the last, and one of the most ingenious, “crafty rafts” in yesterdays race.  We’re not sure that this one got to the finishing line on time.

Today the canal side was much quieter after the hundreds and hundreds of people who enjoyed the race and the lovely sunshine yesterday.

This morning a loan boater lady arrived to moor up behind us.  She got her ropes twisted round the plant pots on the roof - the plant pots landed in the canal and the lady landed up on her back!  After James managed to get out of the shower he was able to add the finishing touches to the retrieval process!

Doug got back from Selsey by train today, arriving at 2 o’ clock and just after the arrival of our friend Marcy, who travelled down from Oxfordshire to see us.

Basking in the heat on the back of the boat– Doug, Frances and Marcy.  The lady in the boat behind now has all her plant pots intact!

Not to be left out – James and Marcy.


Saying a farewell to Marcy we set off on the short trip for tonight’s mooring at Thatcham.  We got down through Newbury Lock and had a nice view of  the town bridge.  The River Kennet, which comes in under the white bridge on the left, is running normally at the moment so there will be no hair raising moments like we had coming up!


Frances looks a bit perplexed at the design of the “turf sided” lock.  This is the last one of the day as our moorings at Thatcham are just below it.IMG_0008

A last ‘relax’ for Frances before Kel comes to collect her and take her home.   The heat of the day is over and we’re enjoying a cooling breeze on these very good moorings at Thatcham.

It’s been great to have Frances for an unplanned extra day and also lovely to see Marcy, albeit too briefly.  Doug’s very tired after his train journey back from Selsey and is looking  forward to an early night!

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