Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Tuesday in Oxford

We checked the river yesterday (Tuesday), the caution boards still being on red.  There were signs that the level is dropping.  One of our “neighbours” on the mooring decided they would chance it and headed off down the river like a cork out of a bottle!


This is our neighbour (nb ‘Bumble B’) – brave or what?  The other boat, coming up river, took an hour to get from Osney Lock to Louse Lock (next to our mooring)! Normally done in about 10 minutes tops.


James just had to take a picture of the engine of the boat coming up river in the last picture when it got to Louse Lock.  A Kelvin K1, about 1935 vintage – ticking over at 150 rpm! Superb sound.

We took a walk around the Jericho area which is close to where we’re moored. Now a very expensive area of Oxford to live in but originally built as a working class area.


The Italianate church of St. Barnabas in Jericho.


The huge Oxford University Press building in Jericho.

We took a climb up 13th century Carfax Tower (from the Latin quadri-furcus (four forked)).  It’s where the four major roads at the ancient heart of the city met.


The view North with the High Street to the right and the dome of the Radcliffe Camera (centre) and the spire of Brasenose College.


View to the north east showing Christchurch College and the cathedral church left of centre.


Just showing that we were there and that James overcame his fear of heights!


Our last port of call was the Bodleian Library where had a short tour of the oldest part – the Divinity Hall (with its’ fantastic ceiling) and the old library above it (no photographs allowed)

Our evening was well spent enjoying the company of Jayne, Stephen and their son Thomas, who has been taking advantage of them being in Oxford, and visiting for a few days.  We had drinks on board ‘Chance’ and then went to “Fire and Stone” again for a lovely meal.


Stephen, Doug,, Jayne, James and Thomas half way through the pizza.


  1. Lovely Oxford, your pictures are
    making me miss my boy though, studying at Oxford Brookes. Sigh.

  2. Thanks Karen, James studied at Brookes years ago and so did our son in law, small world!