Sunday, 7 October 2012

Leaving Warwick

We had a very pleasant day yesterday in Warwick.  We had a good look around as we hadn’t been for quite a few years.  In the evening we were invited aboard nb ‘Autumn Myst’ where we had champagne to start the evening and Bob and June provided us with a lovely meal.  It was a really good evening and we had tremendous fun!


Just one photo of Warwick – this building is not on the tourist trail but it’s the old gas works!  The two octagonal wings at each end held the gas tanks. 

Today we left our moorings in the Saltisford Arm with nb ‘Autumn Myst’ and made our way through Warwick, stopping briefly at Tesco to buy smoked mackerel for Oscar’s dinner!  The double locks, which we’re now used to, were easy to use (June and Doug being the workers!) and we soon found ourselves at Bascote Locks.


A very rural setting as we approached the first of the Bascote Locks.


‘Chance’ and ‘Autumn Myst’ together in the double staircase at Bascote.

Just after Bascote Wharf we found nb ‘Ellen’ with Angela and John moored up (we knew they were around here somewhere!). We met them recently at the Black Country Museum where we spent a great evening with them. It was really good to see them again and so we joined them at the mooring for the evening.


‘Chance’, Autumn Myst’ and nb ‘Ellen’ moored together this evening.


The crews on all three boats enjoyed the sunshine this afternoon and worked at their chores until it was time for some relaxation.  Here are Angela, Bob, June,Doug and John at the end of their work……………..


……..and here we all are on board ‘Chance' for pre dinner drinks after which we all returned to our respective boats for dinner.

We’d just like to say a big, and final, thank you to everyone (including our overseas readers) for your messages of support and concern over the last few days.

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