Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Sky High!

Yesterday, as James returned from his blood testing, he spied an “intruder” on the front of the boat……..


……….spotted! – a Japanese tourist climbing off the boat after having his photo taken.  In fact, during the time we were on the boat, we had to ask several times for Japanese tourists not to climb on board!  It has happened to us before (in Paddington Basin some years ago, and again Japanese).  We haven’t lost our sense of humour over it but it does seem quite unbelievable that one nationality in particular doesn’t respect other peoples’ property.

While we were in Stratford we’d intended to visit the viewing tower adjoined to the RSC theatre and it was well worth the £2:50 when we got to the top.


The River Avon showing the two bridges.


A view of Bancroft canal basin – we’re just visible with ‘Chance’s’ white windbreak showing between the trees.

After The Tower Experience we did a bit of  Tesco shopping, which entailed walking a mile in each direction (good exercise if nothing else)………. IMG_2742

…….Doug well laden (and James likewise) – oh, you don’t know what we have to go through, living on a boat!

In the evening we again met up with our dear friend Rose for one of her charity fund raising events, which was a quiz evening with fish and chip supper.  Something we very much enjoyed.


Rose, in her role as President of the Stratford on Avon Soroptimists  yesterday evening.  Our team of five somehow managed to come joint first out of 8 teams and won 2 bottles of wine and a box of chocolates, a great evening.

Today we left Stratford at 7.30am, as we were awake early, and began the climb back up the locks towards Kingswood Junction, where we’ll eventually transfer onto the Grand Union Canal.  Just a few pictures of today’s journey…………


……….spotted!  A much photographed sight on this canal – the car in a tree.


One of the barrel-roofed lock cottages which has been quite well extended.  The house, the lock and the canal environment around it, are beautifully cared for.


Doug sunning himself at Yarningdale Lock, with the aqueduct in the background.


Just one example of the poor state of some of the locks along the Stratford Canal – this is likely to collapse very soon!

After a long day of nine and a half hours and 30 locks! we’re now moored up and about to enjoy a home cooked dinner with a welcome glass of wine!


  1. Nine and half hours, you are gluttons for punishment. Hope you are not too shattered for Hatton tomorrow.
    Bob June and Phoenix

  2. Sounds like a lovely cruising day. We've been enjoying views from on high too!

  3. I love Stratford but Bancroft Basin is a nightmare. AS you say, the tourists are all over you like a rash. We tent to pay our fiver and moor on the river near the chain ferry.

  4. I don't know what you two are on but I want some. I've only done 10 locks today & I'm knackered!

  5. It must be something about the tourist in Stratford. We too had, what we thought, were Chinese leap as bold as brass on the front deck of the boat. When we stuck our head out of the back hatch, they jumped off rather quickly and with a lot of apologetic bowing, made a hasty exit. Xxxxxxxx