Sunday, 21 October 2012

Oxford Surprise (and a TV Aerial boost)

In addition to our normal blog – a quick answer to an often asked question as to how we always get a digital TV signal?  We have never been anywhere yet where we haven’t been able to receive a TV picture (much to the frustration of neighbouring boaters who can’t get a TV picture and we can!).  After Debby and Dave’s comment yesterday we thought we would publish the details of what we have.  It’s a Megaboost Aerial - we brought ours on ebay but they are a similar price on the link below at £29.95.  We can’t recommend it enough - its only a short aerial we have it on a 12” high magnetic pole on the roof, which we put up when moored. Sometimes it gets forgotten and left in the front well deck and still works on the floor!

SLx Megaboost Aerial Kit 1 Way

  • Suitable for low, moderate and strong signal areas
  • Digital & analogue TV signals
  • Outdoor or loft installation
  • Kit Contents: Log Periodic Aerial with 16dB amplifier gain power supply. Full Wall/Loft Fixing Kit, 10m Digital Coaxial Cable, 10x Cable Clips, 2x F Connectors & 2m Coaxial Lead

We are still waiting in Oxford for the river conditions to moderate but we’re making the most of our time here going for walks around this lovely city each day.  Yesterday morning broke with a bit of fog but it soon cleared and we had a wonderfully sunny day.



‘Chance’ on the moorings – the autumn colours are beginning to look really good.  We’re having to brush off the nightly fall of leaves each morning!


Walking down to Osney Lock and the minor sluices are open and creating a spectacular scene.  The Environment Agency seem to be doing their best to get rid of the water!


Walking back into the city and just occasionally you find something that makes you think – wonder what happened here, eons ago, to cause this name?

We are still catching up with friends and family who live close by and last night James’ cousin Margaret and her two daughters, Linda and Leone, came to see us.  Our intention was to stop in Abingdon to see them once we got onto the River Thames, but the way things are at the moment we’ll want to get on and off the river as quickly as we can when the moment comes!  So the two girls kept the visit a secret from their mum, who wondered why she was being dragged out to Oxford on a dark Saturday evening!  That said, we had a lovely evening on ‘Chance’ and we then walked the short distance to Zizzi in George Street for a lovely meal. Thank you for coming to see us and giving us a wonderful evening guys.IMG_0035Leone, Margaret, Doug, James and Linda at Zizzi


  1. Fabulous, we loved our time in Oxford. The river is making you wait there and relish it's treasures!

    Looking forward to meeting you both next year :-)

    Sandra & Barry

  2. Hope that you are getting a commision from Toolstation with us all butying aerials from them.
    Trust the river levels are dropping.
    Bob June and Phoenix

  3. Thanks for sharing this information guys. Where did you get the magnetic pole from?

    Adrian, Briar Rose

  4. It was at the Crick show in 2011 we came across the magnetic pole, although we did order one by post afterwards it was only £20 but sadly the guy no longer seems to be in business!

  5. £30 sounds like a bargain for perfect digital signal in your boat.