Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Oxford Odyssey

Yesterday was our first full day in Oxford, waiting for the River Thames to go down from its present flood conditions.  We used the day to do some  sight seeing and some serious walking to get some exercise.  Oxford is one of James’ old haunts as he finished his studies here in the 80’s and it was good to see some of the wonderful sights the city has to offer again. 


The bicycle park at the railway station!


We went down to the river to see what it was like – the picture doesn’t show just how fast it was running but, as you can see, the ducks are giving it second thoughts.


We walked down the river and then back into the city via Christchurch Meadows and into the more formal area of Christchurch College.  James is in the gardens with the collegiate church of Christchurch (Oxford Cathedral) in the background.


Doug at the start of Christchurch Meadows (the rugby pitches) looking towards Magdalen College.


The courtyards and quadrangles of the colleges are architecturally stunning.


Looking up the High Street towards Carfax Tower (at the top of which you can get the best view of the Oxford skyline) with just a couple of the “dreaming spires” in view.


The Radcliffe Camera with the Bodleian Library to the right.


The view of the quadrangle inside the Bodleian Library as you enter.


The Bodleian Library quadrangle as you leave.


Oxford version of the Bridge of Sighs.

Our day was a good one with the weather bright and sunny again and some good exercise under our belts.  In the evening we met up with one of James’ old friends for a great Italian meal in ‘Fire and Stone’ in George Street.


  1. Lovely interesting City is Oxford with some fabulous buildings.
    Hope the river levels drop soon for you to get on the K & A.
    Have ordered the Candles and Aerial.
    Bob June and Phoenix

  2. If you have to spend some more time in Oxford do go to the Pitt River Museum, it is a must! Very quirky and the Natural History museum that you have to go through to get to it is lovely as well. Well worth a visit.
    Kath (nb Herbie)