Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Return journey

The journey today was the reverse of yesterday so we ended up back at Hungerford tonight.  We winded at Great Bedwyn and joined up with nb ‘Vigornia’ who was also Hungerford bound.


‘Chance’ with nb ‘Vigornia’ at Little Bedwyn Lock.


Doug, in a strange position – at the tiller!

The weather turned a bit ugly today with the wind getting up and the rain getting worse as the journey progressed.


Here we are at Hungerford Marsh Lock where we were at the mercy of the wind as it blew across the Freeman’s Marsh.  It blew nb ‘Vigornia’ onto the opposite bank and ‘Chance’ is straining at the centre rope while we’re waiting for the lock to fill.

We arrived at Hungerford at 1:15 and moored up in the rain next to Hungerford church with nb ‘Vigornia’ behind us.  Having done the washing (2 loads) during the journey we set about finding a launderette to use the tumble driers.  There are no launderettes in Hungerford only one that does service washes only!  So there was nothing else for it but to get on  the train to Newbury (where there is a launderette).


Have washing will travel!   Doug waiting for the train to Newbury. As it was only £4.40 return at least it got the job done!

This evening the washing is dry, the rain is hammering down and the church bells are ringing out with the weekly practice.  Nice.


Thought we’d include another epitaph from the stone mason at Great Bedwyn.

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  1. Caroline and Martin1 November 2012 at 08:17

    marsh lock is in a nice location, but I can only remember struggling with the swing bridge and lock gates in the wind! Caroline