Thursday, 11 October 2012

Banbury and beyond.

Last night we had a great evening with Jayne and Stephen and Del and Al.  We all went for a meal at  The Red Lion in Cropredy.


James, Stephen, Doug, Jayne, Al and Del just about to enjoy our meal.


Afterwards after our meal we adjourned to the pub’s music room where Del, Stephen and Jayne all had a chance to play some amazing guitars owned by landlord Gary. There were a couple of Brian May models and also a unique Fender Telecaster (rewired!). Accompanied by Del, Al sang some songs for us – including one written and composed by Del and herself.  After leaving the pub the musical evening continued aboard ‘Dolce Far Niente’ until the early hours of the morning!

This morning we left our moorings above the lock at Cropredy.  Del and Al are going in the other direction so we said our farewells to them while they kindly helped us through the lock (probably because they wanted to see us safely gone in the opposite direction!).  It was a real treat to see you both again, have a good winter and we’ll see you next year.


‘Dolce Far Niente’ coming into the Copredy Lock – Jayne, Doug and Del.


On our way.  This is ‘Chance’ at Bourton Lock – the old lock cottage is still in need of repair after many years.  We don’t think there is any road access so it’ll need a hermit to take it on!


Just a bit further on we negotiate the M40, which we’ll experience a bit later on again in our journey.


Banbury comes next, where we moored up to do a bit of Wilkinsons shopping and some very nice pasties were found for lunch.  This is Banbury Lock right by the shopping centre.

It was at Banbury that Tom Rolt had his boat ‘Cressy’ refitted prior to his cruise around the, near derelict, waterways of England in 1939 and which he recounted in his book “Narrow Boat”.

Further out from the town and we moored at bridge 168 for Jayne and Doug to go to Morrisons for the groceries. They came back laden to point of collapse while James and Stephen had just been sitting on the bow of Dolce and chatting! (James is writing this blog!).

On a bit further and we moored up between bridges 170 and 171 – a great little mooring suggested by Al earlier today (thanks Al).

We’ve been very lucky today as the forecasted heavy rain has held off until after we moored up.  We now have only the sound of the rain and the noise of the M40 to lull us to sleep tonight (not too bad).

This evening Jayne and Stephen came on board ‘Chance’ for a meal and a bit of a relax (after the heavy shopping).   


Jayne , Stephen and James just about to tuck into a dessert of lemon torte and crème fresh.

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  1. There was someone doing some work on the cottage at Bourton Lock when we came back up the Oxford, looked like there was lots to do though.

    Ali x