Saturday, 6 October 2012

‘Chance’ flooded again!

Don’t panic!  This time it’s a flood of good wishes and concern from so many friends -  through this blog and by email and face book.  We must say a really big thank you to everyone who has expressed concern over our recent ‘incident’ and we’ve been told of many other similar occasions involving other boaters.  However, we have now “mopped up” and the electrics are behaving well so far.  So fingers crossed!

Yesterday morning, hearing that friends Bob and June on nb ‘Autumn Myst’ were on their way towards us down the Hatton Flight of locks we walked up to help them work their way down.  They were teamed up with nb ‘Halcyon’, who we were moored next to in Stratford on Avon a few days ago, so it was nice to help both parties.    


nb ‘Halcyon’ and nb ‘Autumn Myst’.



Someone talking a tea break!


June from ‘Autumn Myst’ at lock 36 – only ten more to go!


We all got down the flight in just over 2 hours and both boats came to moor up in the Saltisford Arm – ‘Autumn Myst’ breasting up with ‘Chance’.


Afternoon chores – James doing a spot of paint touching up (not as uncomfortable as it looks!)


Nb ‘Autumn Myst’ and ‘Chance’ breasted up in the Saltisford Arm.

In the evening we enjoyed an Indian takeaway with June and Bob on board ‘Chance’.

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  1. Have you had a read here

    That will give you lots of insights, it seems the water in the back is an old trick of his.