Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Selsey to Lee-on-Solent

We’ve been reading how dreadful the weather has been for boating folk this last couple of weeks but we’re still itching to get back on board ‘Chance’ soon.  The weather hasn’t been that great here on the south coast but here is a picture taken on one of our good days……….


……..people actually swimming in the sea!

While waiting for James’ op. on July 10th (he’s in normal heartbeat mode again at the moment!) we’re spending our time at home as usefully as possible – which means catching up with friends.


The other night Dave and Di, James, Jan, Doug and Peter had a very enjoyable couple of hours at the local Indian restaurant in Selsey.

Last evening we took a trip along the coast to Lee-on-Solent to witness a “first” – the seven cruise liners of the P & O fleet left Southampton at the same time with around 15,000 passengers  on board.  The weather was foul for a while but improved as the ships got closer to us. (Sorry about some of the photos!)


Looking towards Fawley Oil Refinery the ships start their journey out of Southampton Water.


A view across to the Isle of Wight (Cowes on the far right) with four of the liners in view.


It was a terrific sight as they got closer and closer.  There were thousands of people on the shoreline and with the ships all sounding their horns it was an exciting moment.


They were not about to collide!  but it was an amazing sight to see so many large vessels so close together.

Turning our backs on the ships for a moment, and looking inland, another strange sight was to be had……..


….the resting place for the old cross channel (Dover to Calais) hovercrafts!

It was a good evening and the rain stayed off for the best bits – it was well worth going.

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