Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Cruising Again!

We had a good journey up to the boat yesterday (Monday) with no hold ups on route and arriving at Brinklow around 1pm.  We had soon unpacked so Doug went off into Rugby do get the shopping leaving James to prepare the boat. We stayed in the marina overnight and headed off this morning.


Monday sunset from the back of the boat


A final fill with water before we left at 9:30 today.

The weather has been glorious -  dare we say a bit too hot!  We had a lovely, quiet  journey to Hawkesbury Junction with surprisingly few boats for this time of year!  There was no queuing for the stop lock.


‘Chance’ in the stop lock at Hawkesbury.


‘Chance’ leaving the lock.

As it was such a nice day we decided to continue on and get through Nuneaton and look for a mooring somewhere in the countryside beyond.


Oscar with James (looking ridiculous in his silly hat) enjoying the summer weather.  Someone’s knocked the lifebelt of one of it’s hooks!


Passing alongside Charity Dock – not one of the most picturesque corners of the canal system!  We may have shown this before.

Tonight we have moored  just after Hartshill – a pleasant mooring with five other boats for company.  It’s 8:30 and the temperature is just beginning to become comfortable.  At the moment we’re all being treated to a practice session of the local brass band in a barn about 100 yards away – they are in urgent need of some musical direction!  Tomorrow we’ll tackle the Atherstone Lock Flight.


  1. I wouldn't say James looks radiculous in that hat, I'd call it practical for the weather conditions, a nice brim to keep the sun off the eyes and neck, well done James! I hope you had a hat on Doug (or will today)lets see a photo of that:-) Caroline and Martin

  2. Thanks Caroline and Martin, Haven't managed to get a picture of Doug in his hat yet! But watch this space.