Tuesday, 10 July 2012

To operate or not to operate

………well there was no question really.  James went for his cardio version operation appointment this morning but did not have the procedure as the heart has returned to normal sinus mode on it’s own (again!).  In fact it has been normal for the last few days (we dared not tempt fate by saying anything) and, although it was confirmed at the pre. op. stage they still wanted him to go for the operation in case it reverted back in the meantime.  The prognosis is very good though as the medication to maintain “normal service” seems to be working.  So fingers crossed and a big thanks once again for all the good wishes received from so many people – it seems to have worked.

We’ve got eldest daughter Vicki staying with us for a few days together with Ernie her dog.  We took Ernie and Oscar down to the beach for a dip yesterday as the weather was really good.


Oscar making a valiant attempt at something he used do so often.


He managed to get his belly wet but it was a bit of a struggle  to get back up the beach!


Ernie with ‘uncle’ Oscar.


After a hard day on the beach Vicki and Ernie relax!


  1. hi Both
    Really pleased that James's heart is staying in sync without need for opp. long may it continue.
    Must say the weather looks better where you are.
    Best wishes
    bob June and Phoenix

  2. Hi
    Glad James's heart has sorted it's self, without the need for an operation fingers crossed it stays that way for many a year.

    NB Shell Bell

  3. As they say in Texas (and probably elsewhere)... If it ain't broke don't fix it. Now get back aboard Chance as soon as you can, break out the champagne and let the cruising and the party begin. Good news.

  4. That's great news James!

    Can you send some of that sun up here please? Or get back out yourselves as you seem to bring the better weather!

    Hope to see you both soon x

  5. Thanks Bob and June, I think we have been lucky down here with the weather, we seem to be avoiding the rain! even getting sunshine! Best Wishes James and Doug

  6. Hi Norwyn, Thanks for your comment, we hope to it stays this way!! Best Wishes James and Doug

    Hi Louis, Think the champagne is a good idea! We can't wait to get back on board, Thanks again Doug and James

    Hi Ali and John, we should be back aboard in 2 weeks! Will try and bring the sun with us, hope its not too bad up north! xx

  7. Many congrats, James, that's great news.

    Now, can you just move the jet stream about 500 miles north, please?


    Bruce and Sheila

  8. Thanks Bruce and Sheila, Hope you get back out on the cut soon, we are pleased to be home and out of the rain this last few weeks, will try and send some better weather up there!

    Best Wishes

    James and Doug

  9. What a relieve for you both not to have that worry anymore. Long may it continue. All the best for the future. Xxx
    Irene & Ian

  10. does that mean james will do more locks now (or am I in trouble again!)

    We will be on the four counties ring from about 3 august - anti clockwise as I always go the wrong way round!

    Best wishes guys, look forward to seeing you again.

    Paul and Kath and Co

  11. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. All the best!