Sunday, 22 July 2012

Ready, Steady, Go!

This has been our last week at home and tomorrow we’ll be on our way ‘Chance’ward.  We’ve been catching up with people all this week – which means the inevitable, and enjoyable, wining and dining.  So much so that we decided we ought to have Saturday evening in.  The weather has been great this weekend and promises to be so for the rest of the week so we’re really champing at the bit to be off!
Oscar is not so good in the heat so he needs his “lie downs”.
This afternoon we took him down to the beach for a cool paddle.  Selsey beach is always so busy on sunny weekends!
Contemplation was all we got out of the old boy!
We should be on ‘Chance’ tomorrow afternoon and hopefully we’ll be meeting up with old and new friends on the canal over the next few weeks.


  1. While Doug looks into the camera, Oscar stares off into eternity; more and more in his own little world. Just keep him off the martinis and out of the canal and he should be fine (same could be said for his humans I suppose). Have a wonderful time aboard Chance and keep us posted about your adventures.

  2. Thanks Louis for the comment, we will blog a little bit more again now!

  3. Hi both
    Looks as though we will just miss you again. We are going to the boat on Tuesday afternoon and heading south on Wednesday. Hope that you have a good trip.
    Bob June andPhoenix