Friday, 29 June 2012

Brighton for the day

Yesterday (Thursday) we decided to go to Brighton for lunch and a bit of shopping. It was gloriously hot but thankfully the sea breeze helped to keep it comfortable.


We decided to have lunch in Hotel du Vin.  This one in Brighton is  very relaxing and the food is excellent.


Champagne on the terrace before lunch.


After 3 hours of lunching (!) we needed a walk around.  Brighton has a ‘buzz’ about it all the time which is why we like it so much and we’re lucky that we live so close.  This is one little corner on a quiet Thursday afternoon about 3’sh.


Not far from the seafront is an area called “The Lanes” – a system of narrow passages, some only 3 feet wide, where there are some interesting individual little shops including quite a lot of jewellery traders and diamond merchants.  There are plenty of places to eat and while away the odd hour.


The chap with the red flashed rucksack seems to be around a lot in some of these pics.  He’s looking longingly into a shop which sells coloured lights.  You can choose how many and what colour shades you want and today there is a set of them neatly positioned in our conservatory!


It takes a bit of imagination, but fascinating to think back 100 years or more to what these streets might have been like then. 


After “The Lanes” we made a visit to the ‘oh so necessary’ T K Maxx, where we picked up a couple of bargains, before returning to the car (and Oscar).  He still loves a ride in the car but he’s past being able to walk around town with us any more.  He was quite safe in the car, with the windows down and under cover, and regular visits by the security man to make sure he was ok.  He had a walk on the grass in Regency Square before we all went home.  Thank you Brighton.

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  1. It doesn't matter who you are or what sort of things you like there is something for everyone in Brighton. I to love it!