Sunday, 29 July 2012

Weekend at Tixall Wide

We didn’t have time to blog yesterday as we spent a lovely day with Irene and Ian of nb Free Spirit.  We knew our paths were going to cross at some point and they arrived this morning just in time for coffee and home made bread pudding!


Irene and Ian’s arrival at Tixall Wide.


Catching up on all the latest in the sunshine.

Doug walked down to the Canal Farm Shop at Great Haywood which was recommended by Caroline and Martin on their blog comment yesterday and brought back a selection of goodies including some PYO raspberries.  James spent much of the day “information gathering” (i.e.talking to other boaters!) and, in between that,  giving the gangplank and pole a final coat of paint before sticking on the anti slip material.  In the afternoon we decided to have a BBQ to make the most of the weather.  We shouldn’t complain but the wind today has made things slightly uncomfortable but the BBQ went ahead in true British style.  Eventually we decided to take everything on the back of ‘Chance’ where it was less windy.


We had a lovely evening with lots of food and drink and we chatted and laughed away for hours!  Occasions like this that really make boating life such good fun.


Doug having to share his meal with Oscar and his new friend Jade.


We completed this great day inside with home made dessert (Lemon Torte with PYO raspberries)  and more wine.  Thanks Ian and Irene for a lovely evening. 

We have decided to stay at Tixall Wide again today while the weather is good and James needs more time to get to end of his jobs list.  We’ll probably move on pastures new tomorrow.


  1. N.B. Chance- resplendent in blue.
    First mates Doug 'n James are the crew.
    But Oscar's in charge
    On this party barge,
    Where the hats are all posh, but askew.

  2. Hi Louis

    You're a poet and you know it!

    Thanks for the ditty.

    Best Wishes

    Doug and James