Monday, 4 June 2012

The show begins–Crick 2012

Friday (preparation day) started bright and early, for some!  MGM,our boat builders, have their newest creation nb ‘Snails Pace’ at the show.  Another very lovely boat designed specifically for owners Ann and Chris and their dog Maisey May.


The start of preparation day – John and Doug thinking about what to start first!


James and John (no relation to the disciples) polishing ‘Snails Pace’.




MGM boats, in prime position at the the show marina, at the bottom of the main steps.


After a busy day we returned to ‘Chance’ to do our own cleaning and tidying along with our neighbours Julie and Russell.  We all had bangers and mash for dinner aboard ‘Chance’ before attending the evenings entertainment in the marquee at the show ground…..


…. there were a lot more in attendance but James forgot to take a pic. at the right time – having too good a time to remember!

Saturday was the first day of the show and we were up and ready, with the boat dried off (from last nights’ rain) and all spick and span.


Owner Chris with his boat full of general public all standing on the same side and carrying out an unscheduled tilt test!



nb ‘Snails Pace’ disappearing in the sea of spectators – it was quite a busy day.


A general view of the show in full swing.

Last night we were invited out with friends and family of Snail’s Pace, for a lovely meal at The Wheatsheaf, another great evening! and a big Thank you to Chris and Ann….


  1. A big thank you to James for showing us around Snails Pace, another lovely boat from MGM and the quality of the woodwork stood out, our votes are in! keep blogging my wind down after work just wouldn't be the same. Caroline and Martin

  2. Hi Caroline and Martin, Thank you for visiting, it was lovely to see you both, nice to know that you read the blog. Look forward to meeting you again in the future. James