Thursday, 21 June 2012

Another Great Day

Compared to the day before, when we travelled 9 hours, yesterday morning we left our mooring and did all of 30 minutes to meet Jayne and Stephen on nb Dolce Far Niente for a coffee and a chat at the bottom of Atherstone Locks.

We had planned to moor half way up the lock flight and for James to catch the train to Rugby for his Warfarin test but James decided to walk to the station from where we were at the bottom of the lock flight (about a mile!).  Doug sat in the sunshine having lunch with Jayne and Stephen while James got off the train in Rugby for another mile walk to the hospital.  By the time James returned (walking another two miles on the return journey!) we had all decided not to move for the day but to stay and enjoy the sunshine and to round the whole thing off with a nice BBQ in the evening.


We were soon opening the Champagne to celebrate the good weather!


Getting the BBQ underway we had a really good evening which ended with Oscar falling into the canal again!  Stephen quickly mustered his life saving skills and hauled him out.  So it was into the shower for Oscar for a clean up and then we all ended up on ‘Chance’ just after 10pm where we sat chatting to nearly midnight!  Thanks again Stephen and Jayne for a lovely day!

We knew the weather was going to be bad this morning, but we said our goodbyes and both boats left in opposite directions at 8.30. We need to get to Hawkesbury Junction as we are meeting  up again, with nb Eleventh Heaven and nb New Dawn for dinner tonight at The Greyhound, and nb Dolce far Niente is heading to Fradley for the night.


We had a pleasant run through the eleven locks at Atherstone, although we did have some heavy showers in between.  This is us at the bottom lock waiting patiently for it to fill with only one paddle working. (Reported to BW)


A view from the back of the boat from James with his umbrella! – torrential downpour.


Continuing through the Atherstone Flight this is us at the top lock.


Stunning scenery – peaceful and calm after the rain had stopped


Hartshill Wharf with the dock building of blue brick with its majestic arch and clock tower.

We arrived at Hawkesbury Junction about 3’sh, at the same time that nb’s ‘New Dawn’ and ‘Eleventh Heaven’ arrived from the opposite direction.  After a mass mooring up and some catch up chat and a coffee with Chris and Les aboard nb Eleventh Heaven we are now preparing to have a great evening meal together.

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