Friday, 8 June 2012

Arriving in Market Harborough

What should have been a bad day weather wise has turned out to be OK.   It has been very gusty at times and the odd shower but nothing too extreme.  We left our mooring by the Welford Arm having read that we’d mooring directly on the viaduct over the infant River Avon so before we left - a photo was in order:-


In a couple of hours we were at the Foxton flight of locks.  There were so few boats around we went straight into the top lock on our arrival. No queue!


‘Chance’ in the top lock with a fabulous view over the surrounding countryside.   The lock flight is in two lots of five staircases.  Going from one lock straight into the next gives the impression that your going over the edge……


Boaters’ eye view on the top staircase.


‘Chance’ in the bottom lock of the top staircase. There were more gongoozlers than boats by a long chalk.


Starting the lower staircase – there is a small pound of water here half way down the flight.  Still wonderful views to be had.


Out of the lock flight and turning right down the Market Harborough Arm.  A very dull day – can’t believe it’s June.  We were feeling quite lonely due to so few people and boats.

The 5 miles (or so) of the Market Harborough Arm was very quiet cruising, with only two hire boats coming the other way.  The wind was stronger on this section as it is generally more open than the previous stretch between Welford and Foxton.  The approach to the town is very pleasant with some nice properties to look at.

We’re now moored up safely in Union Wharf but being buffeted by high winds.  We’ve booked in for two nights and, as we now have shore power, we’re going to catch up on nearly two weeks of washing!


We have very nice neighbours again.

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  1. I was at Foxton this morning looking at Snail's Pace, so I probably only just missed you!