Friday, 22 June 2012

More fun at Hawkesbury Junction.

We’re almost at the end of our trip.  In May we planned just a week away but we’ve been out for almost 6 weeks!  We’ve booked ‘Chance’ into Brinklow Marina again for a month so that James can be home for his pre op next week and then the operation on July 10th.

Last night we all went out for a meal at The Greyhound at Hawkesbury Junction a great evening with good company and good food.  We all were invited back by Bill and Eileen on to  nb ‘New Dawn’ for coffee and port, to finish off a lovely evening.


Doug, Chris, Les, Eileen, Bill and James – all very well sated.


Our walk back to the boats was blighted by heavy rain – what’s new!

Today nb’s ‘New Dawn’ and ‘Eleventh Heaven’ left Hawkesbury Junction in the rain to continue their journey,  we finally left around 2 o’clock when the weather improved.  We had a lovely time and wish all of you safe and happy cruising and hope to meet up again in the future.


Bye Eileen.


Bye Bill.


‘Chance’ about to enter the “stop lock” at Hawkesbury (about 9 inches difference in the water level between the Oxford Canal and the Coventry Canal).


We travelled for a few hours and moored this evening back on the North Oxford Canal – the weather this evening is a world away from what is was like this morning.  There has been so much rain in the last couple of days the canal is quite a bit higher than normal.  We are only about an hour away from the marina so tomorrow will be our last day.


  1. Well that was a long week ha ha!

    It has never stopped raining here all day and is blowing a gale as well!

    Hope James is feeling ok.

    Have a safe journey home.

    Ali x

  2. Hi Ali and John, yes we were lucky to have such a long week! Just hope the weather improves on the cut for everyone else out there? Will be in touch, and hope to meet up later in the year. Doug x

  3. James
    Hope the op goes OK - am sitting here slowly recovering from my Gall Bladder removal on Wednesday. No boating for a few weeks! Last Sunday's trip through Birmingham with Halfie seems a lifetime ago.

  4. Thanks Andy, Hope you make a speedy recovery as well, and that we meet up again soon. Regards James