Friday, 15 June 2012

We made it! - onto the Trent and Mersey Canal

We awoke this morning to brilliant sunshine which was a bit of surprise considering the forecast last night.  Checking the flood gauge below the lock we realised, after all the heavy rain during the night, the river had risen 6 to 8 inches and was well into the amber. Anyway, we set off with the flow and were soon up to an impressive speed.
On the approach to Kegworth Deep Lock we managed to turn the corner and not land up in front of this very impressive house .
After leaving Kegworth Deep Lock the flood gauge had risen into the red telling us the River Soar was now in flood.   A quick call to British Waterways in Newark confirmed this.  They also very kindly checked the conditions for us on the River Trent and they quickly rang back to confirm that, even though the River Trent was high, it wasn’t expected to go into flood until Saturday which meant we could get through to the Trent and Mersey Canal fairly safely.
Leaving Ratcliffe Lock we came across this BW crane barge which had keeled over onto it’s side and taken the adjacent pontoon with it.
The large expanse of water which makes up the meeting place of the Rivers Soar and Trent, the Erewash canal and the Cranfleet cut to Nottingham.
‘Chance’ in one of the duplicated Sawley Locks.  They are mechanised so Doug had a rest from paddle winding and gate opening!
Approaching the attractive village of Shardlow with very threatening skies.
A few miles further on we were delighted to come across the people on nb ‘Muriel’ who told us that they read our blog and who very kindly asked how Oscar was doing.  It’s really nice to meet people who take the trouble to read about us.  
Doug looking satisfied with his work.
This is our mooring this evening just outside Swarkestone and we’re being rained on very hard.  Having said that, we’ve had a remarkably good day weather wise with only a couple of short heavy showers.  As we finish this blog we’re in the middle of a thunderstorm but thankful were back onto canals! 


  1. Nice run - are you heading up our way - Jan & George nb Lady Patricia

  2. Rivers are fun, but canals sooo much more relaxing!

  3. Hi guys

    You are also close to us. had i read your blog yeaterday I would have met you as you passed wihtin a mile of our house.

    Are you heading up the T and M or turning left onto the coventry?

  4. Hi Paul, sorry we missed you, we are heading down the Coventry Canal as we are booked into Brinklow Marina from the 25th June again, for a month!

  5. Sorry to have missed you all, we had just gone over to Northern Ireland as you arrived in Swarkestone. Oh well perhaps another time?
    Hope everything goes OK for James on the 10th.
    All the best,
    Kevin & Harry

  6. Hi Kevin and Harry. Sorry we missed you I am sure we will be around that way again soon, what's the name of your boat? Thanks again for the good wishes for James, Best Wishes Doug and James