Thursday, 31 May 2012

Boaters BBQ!

For those of us in the “cheap” seats at Crick this year (i.e. we’re not paying for our moorings!) the opportunity arose to get everyone together this evening for a BBQ to celebrate the Crick Show and Jubilee.  Thanks to Russell on nb ‘Nauti – Lass’, who was volunteered as the events organiser, everyone moored from the road bridge to the tunnel was invited.


A bit of bunting doesn’t go amiss on this auspicious occasion and, although not normally flown, ‘Chance’ is sporting her Red Ensign for the Jubilee weekend -  (found washed up, in perfect condition, on Selsey beach a year or so ago!)

After another wonderfully hot day everyone gathered at 7 o’clock (fires having been lit at 6) and in true British tradition it started to rain.


And in true British tradition, with umbrellas at the ready, we carried on regardless.


Within a very short time the sun won the day as can be seen from this very artistic shot.  That’s Russell producing very good BBQ food and Dave and Bob with their tongs at the ready as well.


There was enough food to feed the proverbial five thousand as everyone brought their contributions.


This is the “engine room” of the event with Russell as chief stoker.  Jan from nb ‘Rapide’ (in the red) is very skilled at painting canal pottery (and drinking beer).


No, there hadn’t been a fight – the chairs are still upside down from the rain shower.

The evening was a hoot and enjoyed by us all and ended at 12 o’clock with a lot of us sitting round a little camp fire built on the BBQ.  It’s worth noting that no one knew anyone else until we all came together on this canal bank – the English are alive and well!

NB. We’ve been corrected – the motorway bridge featured in last Friday’s blog carried the A14 not the M1.

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