Monday, 18 June 2012

Heavy showers to Alrewas

Too late to go to press for the last blog – James went out last evening to take a picture of the lovely view we had from the boat and a steam train went past – as they do!


The lake is an old gravel pit which has been landscaped and is now very pleasant.

Today we have experienced some very heavy and sudden showers and not at all what you would call warm.  However, we should not complain we’ve had lovely rural countryside to enjoy.


Here we are at Branston Lock having just passed through Burton on Trent.  This lock always seems to be in the middle of nowhere but Branston (where the pickle comes from) is not far away.


They were very mean with bricks at this bridge (36) – it’s one of the narrowest we experienced.


This is Wychnor Lock – entering the lock through two bridges with a narrowing of the waterway as well makes for an interesting approach.


Arriving at the lock at Alrewas – a perfect rural scene. Bruce and Sheila and family on nb Sanity Again just entering the lock. We have been trailing them all day.


After mooring up we took a walk through the very pretty village of Alrewas which is a real delight.  Nearly all the properties are well kept with lovely gardens and there’s a wonderful range of architecture. 


This scene (opposite the lady who sells jam with an honesty box) could be out of a Miss Marple episode.  Doug’s looking at some hand made birthday cards for sale.


Our mooring tonight in Alrewas, with nb Sanity Again in front.

The impromptu photo shoot we had the other day, at Barrow Deep Lock on the River Soar, was Matt Preston who is currently setting up his own photography business and very kindly sent us some of the pictures he took.  This is one of them – a lot better than our pics!  His web site if you are near Loughborough and need a photographer is


Thanks again Matt.

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  1. Hello Chance
    We are turning round in Alrewas so may meet up sometime, this was just a slight detour....
    Your boat looks very shiny and new....we looked like that 6 years ago!!