Friday, 28 October 2011

A quick visit to Coventry

On Wednesday we took the bus into Coventry by walking back passed Hawkesbury Junction in the beautiful sunshine to Longford where we found the bus stop.

Oxford Canal 001

Oxford Canal 003

A couple of shots of Hawkesbury Junction in the morning sunshine.

Arriving in Coventry we walked to the Canal Basin to find it virtually deserted.  We were hoping to get a coffee and a bun and sit in the sunshine but no cafe.  Out of the few “units" which were occupied we could have had our nails done or had a body piercing! (but that’s all)

Oxford Canal 004

Oxford Canal 005

The iconic statue of James Brindley in Coventry Basin.

Oxford Canal 008

The lovely old weighbridge office at the Basin – not in great condition unfortunately.

Oxford Canal 010

The 10 ton weighbridge by Avery who make kitchen scales as well!    

When we arrived back at the boat we continued on for an hour or so to find a nice quiet mooring (apart from the trains!)   Ideal for Oscar and lovely views over the countryside.  We guessed we probably wouldn’t me moving on Thursday as it was forecast to rain for most of the day.

Oxford Canal 014

Moored after bridge 19 and the “pinch point” AND at the end of the fairway! 

Oxford Canal 015

As you can see Thursday was very wet so we didn’t move.  We did manage a few walks in between the showers with Oscar and went and picked a few bags of sloes to make some sloe gin for Christmas.

Oxford Canal 017

The view out of the front of the boat this morning.  Last night we were joined by nb ‘Jemima’.  Today we will travel onto the village of Brinklow, and stop around lunchtime for a walk into the village.


  1. Surprised you didn't find a cafe in Cov. basin. There was one there a few week ago! On the same site as the tattoo place and up the end where the canal goes out. We had a very good breakfast there.

  2. Hi Neil, Many Thanks for the comment, sadly it was all shut when we were there on Wednesday. We are going to go again in a few weeks, so hopefully it will be open next time?