Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Back on board…..

After a week back at home in Sussex,  Doug and Oscar returned to Leicestershire today after spending last night at Vicki and Tom’s (eldest daughter).   Oscar finally met his little nephew Ernie.  As you can see from the picture Ernie was desperate to make friends although Oscar was slightly more reluctant!


Ernie finally getting his own way and cuddling up to old Uncle Oscar!


‘Chance’ in the tunnel getting a full overhaul for the winter.  There were some terrific winds which threatened to lift the tunnel – hence the strapping 0nto one of the trollies that ‘Chance’ is resting on!  The idea being that twenty tons of boat will not move in a hurry!


‘Chance’ nearly ready to go back into the water having had its new blacking– the protecting grills still have to go on the bow thruster tubes and looking a bit naked without the front fender button.


The view which James had each morning while on the slipway –the back of the boat is about 10 feet in the air!

‘Chance’ went back into the water on Monday.  The morning of the re-launch was extremely windy but it had to go ahead as the slip was required for other work.  Miraculously,  just as the stern entered the water, the wind dropped and we were able to quickly and safely get out into deeper water without the wind blowing the stern round.  It was a bit like ripping a plaster off quickly!


‘Chance’ now at rest on a borrowed mooring on the MGM “island” and looking extremely smart.

Tomorrow morning we will set off towards Nottingham, where we hope to be for the weekend.


  1. Oscar looks like he was being the elder 'gent'! Glad you are back on the water. we are hoping to get out on Friday for a test run after the modifications, fingers crossed! Hopefully see you soon x

  2. Hi Ali and John. Glad to be back to normality! Leaving this morning for Nottingham, did hope to be passing your way instead, but have to go the long way round as Foxton is now closed! Doug xx