Sunday, 2 October 2011

Another Hot Day!!

The weather continues its heat wave, poor old Oscar, its just too hot for him!  We did let him have a swim in the River Soar yesterday as he was just so hot;. this was followed by a shower back on board!

River Soar 001

A beautiful old craft which passed us on our mooring on the River Soar.  Rivers offer a more varied sort of vessel than canals usually do.

Saturday 1st October

We arrived at the basin in Loughborough at 11am.  Crick Boat Show visitors Ann and Chris were coming to have another look and a chat about ‘ Chance’ as they are considering having MGM build them a new boat.  We had a very enjoyable couple of hours with them and hope that they will also be boating very soon.

River Soar 008

Moored in Loughborough Basin.

After doing a quick bit of shopping in Loughborough, and getting and M&S (2 dine for £10) meal, we set off again and decided, due to the heat,  to call it a day after spotting  a good mooring near Pillings Lock marina.  A good mooring but the closest we’ve ever been to a railway line – just the other side of the hedge!

River Soar 009

We moored next to Graham and Della on nb Ardea ( Latin for Heron) and soon got chatting on the towpath - then out came the wine!  We had our M&S meal then were invited by Graham and Della for a few more drinks on their boat. Their boat is exceptionally well fitted out – being all electric (gas free) and powered by hydraulically driven propeller and bow thruster.  They have the most fantastic induction hob in the galley.  We had a thoroughly enjoyable evening with them getting back at 11pm!  Isn’t boating wonderful; the people you unexpectedly meet and have a lovely time with……….

Sunday 2nd October

This morning we had a late start as we weren’t in any hurry and were chatting again to our neighbours…..


Della, Graham, (nb Ardea) and Doug enjoying the morning sunshine.


There are some wonderful gardens along the banks of the R Soar at Barrow-on-Soar.


A very elegant bridge built in 1860 approaching Mount Sorrell.

We are now moored back at MGM Boats where we started our travels in May.  We plan to have a few jobs done and some routine maintenance carried out before the winter sets in.  ‘Chance’  is scheduled to be taken out of the water tomorrow. 

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