Saturday, 8 October 2011

Back at Home!

Seems strange to be back at home  for a week, after such a long time away on “Chance”
Selsey 003
Oscar enjoying being back on the coast….
Selsey 010
Selsey Life Boat station and all the moored fishing boats.

Its been lovely to be able to walk along the beach twice a day with Oscar, and last night the sunset over the Isle of Wight was fantastic, sadly my camera phone doesn’t do it justice.
Selsey 009
You can  just make out the cliffs at Bembridge to to the left of the Sun.  And looking inland it looked like this!
Selsey 007
An almost double rainbow!
“Chance” is now all blacked and is going back into the water on Monday,  James is getting all the other jobs completed next week, before Oscar and I return on Wednesday.  Its been great to come home for a week, but we are all looking forward to getting cruising again as we hope to be in Nottingham to catch up with friends next weekend….

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  1. Hi

    If you are in Nottingham, try the beer Festival next Friday 14th. If you do, give me a txt as that is where we will be from about 5pm.


    Paul and Kath