Friday, 21 October 2011

A great night out at the “Mucky Duck!”

We went to the Swan at Fradley Junction for a meal last night which, as usual, was excellent.  At 9 o’ clock a great variety of instruments were produced and the group started playing and singing some lovely old folk music.  This is a regular event on Thursday evenings and very much reminded us of our local pub when we lived in Devon and enjoyed much the same thing.
After we had eaten we were joined by Jayne and Steve who we met up with yesterday – which brightened up the evening even more!
All the musicians showing their amazing talent.
James with Steve and Jayne from nb Dolce Far Niente – (the latest Braidbar boat) enjoying the music.
We had a great evening, some of us didn’t get home until after midnight, (you know who – Steve and Jayne!)
Today, after having Steve and Jayne on board for an impromptu coffee and a natter none of us got going until after midday when we had all watered up.  We set off down the Coventry Canal while  Dolce Far Niente set off in the opposite direction for the short trip to Alrewas.  We hope to meet again next year guys – have a good winter and thanks for a great evening.
We watered up just as we joined the Coventry Canal.
004 (2)
The footbridge across the entrance of the Coventry Canal.
We hadn’t travelled far when we passed yet another new marina in the process of being built!  This was between 85 and 84 (Streethay to Huddlesford)
You can’t see it from this photo but the marina was exceptionally deep.
Better seen on this photo.
We stopped at Whittington for a couple of hours to put the washing out to dry and pop into the Co-op to get some provisions.  We left at 4pm, cruising for about an hour before mooring up a mile before Hopwas.
Tonight we are on our own in the middle of nowhere.  Fantastic!
We’d just like to say “thank you” to all of you who regularly read our blog – we can’t believe that we can get well over 100 hits a day!  and we even have readers from Russia as well as Europe, the Antipodes and the Americas.  We try to be as interesting as we can but sometimes it can be a load of old rubbish!  Thanks again to you all and for all your comments and e-mails.


  1. This is amazing; the chap at the very front left of your 1st pic is Colin as in Colin and Eva off of NB Funky Fish whose wedding we went to last Saturday - the reason we came back to Birmingham!!

  2. Hi Jill and Graham, small world isn't it! We did congratulate Colin when we passed Funky Fish yesterday, as we recognised the boat from your blog, so that shocked him! Sadly we didn't meet him in the pub. Might finally meet you on the Oxford then?

  3. Hi Heron's View, Many Thanks for your comment, Nice to know we have followers in Ireland as well, didn't mean to leave you out. Doug and James

  4. I'm a bit put out, I thought you were writing this blog just for me. Guess I can share if I have to.
    -Enjoying from the other Taunton (Massachusetts,USA.)

  5. Hi Bill, Thanks for your comment, and taking the time to read our blog, Its good to hear from blog followers who read it, as we often wonder who does? And thank you for allowing us to share it. Regards Doug and James

  6. Great blog!
    If Isee you when i'm on my wanders i'll give you a shout!


  7. Thanks Ross, Look forward to meeting you one day, we hope .... Doug and James