Sunday, 30 October 2011

Another lovely day!

Today started off as yesterday had finished, drinking and eating, this time morning coffee and cake on ‘Briar Rose’.  James did a quick bit of work on ‘Briar Rose’ for Adam and Adrian and so after the cake we set off back the way we came for Brinklow Marina.


Doug and Adrian tucking into sponge cake (baked by Doug)


On the way back we bumped into Lyn and Paul on ‘Piston Broke’ – we’re quite often seeing them around these days.


A dog on a cold tin roof! (Oscar still likes to get on the roof occasionally!)


Adrian ahead of ‘Briar Rose’ at the top of the Hillmorton Locks.


Adrian and Doug chatting while ‘Chance’ goes down in the world.


This was like this 3 years ago! one day it will fall on some ones’ head.


‘Chance’  at a quick stop in Rugby, to go to Tesco’s…


Entering the Newbold Tunnel – tunnels always seem exiting.

We arrived at Brinklow Marina at 3.30pm as Doug is having a lift home with Adam and  Adrian to get the car back here.  We are booked into the marina for 4 months over winter but don’t plan to come in permanently for another couple of weeks yet.


Sunset over Brinklow marina.


  1. When you said you bumped into Piston Broke, do you mean you rammed them? Lots of boats seem to, I wondered wether they had some sort of magnetic field attracting boats to them :-)

  2. Hi Paul and Elaine, not literally you will be pleased to know, although they do seem to attract the hire boats! Are you venturing near the canals on your trip to the UK?

  3. Its purely a business trip mainly in Amsterdam but I will go and see family in the Milton Keynes area, so should be able to get to the 3 locks at Soulbury for a pint or 2. Its too far to go not to have a few days off.


  4. Hi Paul, Sadly we will be too far away from you on the Ashby Canal, would have been great to have met up.
    Have a great trip.. Doug