Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Hawkesbury Junction bound….

Yesterday morning, there was a wonderful sunrise.  This was taken at 7 o’clock but our point-and-press camera doesn’t do it justice.

Coventry Canal 001

Here ‘Chance’ and Nb ‘Lola’ are moored about a mile below the Atherstone flight of locks.  We had a pleasant journey up the flight, a few boats coming in the other direction, and Doug cycling along the towpath operating the locks. The weather was good again although the canal was about 8” down from its normal levels which made slow going in some parts.

Coventry Canal 004

We moored up between locks 6 and 5 of the flight and walked into the town of Atherstone.  We’ve never visited this nice little town even though we’ve passed this way twice before on our last boat.

Coventry Canal 007

A very attractive market square – and the main street is full of individual shops and not the usual high street chains.

Coventry Canal 008

Here we are at one of the prettier locks (no. 5)

Coventry Canal 011

We moored in the middle of nowhere (again) last night – picture taken from bridge 28.  Oscar had walked all the way down to the Valley Cruises (marina) and back – and was looking forward to a lie down!

Coventry Canal 012

This our first photo of the day.  Taken from bridge 28 is Caldecote Hall – a massive Victoria mansion which looks brand new! and is currently being converted into 50 apartments,  (taken on max. zoom – sorry.)

Coventry Canal 014

Our trip through Nuneaton was not without it’s surprises - a burnt out boat at bridge 21.  The boat in the background had a burnt out generator on the bank next to it!  The graffiti on the bridges and walls was dreadful sadly but, on the positive side, we didn’t hit anything underwater this time around. 

Coventry Canal 016

Just passing the entrance to the Ashby Canal.  A lovely lockless canal which we hope to do again one day.

Coventry Canal 021

Next to assail our senses was  “Charity Dock” -  with all its paraphernalia (this is just a taster)!  Not the most beautiful of canal-side scenery but interesting all the same.

Coventry Canal 023

Here turning into Hawkesbury Junction – we’ve had bright sunshine in our faces for the entire trip today – wonderful but not good for photos.

Coventry Canal 026

‘Chance’ in the stop lock at Hawkesbury.  Just after the lock we found a good mooring – very lucky as all the moorings the other side of the lock were taken.  Just as we tied the ropes Chas and Anne on nb Moore 2 Life arrived (we read their blog).

Coventry Canal 028

‘Chance’ moored next to nb Moore 2 Life.  Lots of electricity around this site!

Coventry Canal 029

Taking Oscar for his last walk of the day we came across this massive sub station by the canal – we could have charged up our batteries just by mooring next to it!

Coventry Canal 030

Opposite the sub station we just had to take this shot – it’s not every day you can stand under a pylon!


  1. You two have such a lovely view of life, you certainly describe Atherstone differently to how we did, perhaps it was the sunshine!

  2. Hi Ali and John, I think we know what you mean, but most parts of it were really lovely.... Hope you get everything sorted out this week, We are sure you will. Lucky you getting through Foxton, we had to go the long way round!