Thursday, 20 October 2011

Fradley Junction

Yesterday we left Branston and had a brief and leisurely run up to Alrewas (less than 3 miles).  
The lovely church at Wychnor on the way to Alrewas.  Set with the Manor House (hidden) on the hill.
After mooring up we had lovely relaxed day – we had a walk round the village and popped into the wonderful local butcher.  We then went round to the house in Post Office Street offering home made jams and chutneys over the garden wall (honesty box provided) which we’ve used before and can thoroughly recommend.  We spent a lazy afternoon on board with James doing a bit of paint touching up (damage sustained in a lock with an inexperienced hire boater!).
The weather is quite chilly now and we’re keeping the solid fuel stove going during the day as well as through the night.  It’s a Morso Squirrel  stove and works so much better than the Villager Puffin we had on our last boat.  It stays in overnight easily and uses very little coal using the coal inserts we brought for it earlier in the year.  So we’re warm and cosy and Oscar is very pleased!
Today we ventured an even shorter distance to Fradley Junction (less than 2 miles).  We’re planning to have a meal in the The Swan tonight and meeting Jayne and Steve on nb ‘Dolce Far Niente’  who we’ve moored close to and who we met on the Macclesfield Canal a few weeks ago.
Doug and Oscar at Fradley Junction.
A long shot of Fradley Junction showing the Swan (painted white)
The entrance to the Coventry Canal from Fradley junction – we’ll be starting up this stretch of canal tomorrow.


  1. Is that DFN the latest Braidbar to be launched?

    Might we see you in the Rugby/Braunston area the weekend after next? You'll have to do more than 3 miles a day...!

  2. Yes it is the very same! We might get to Rugby by next weekend, we will try to do a few more hours a day!