Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year!

Well it’s another year nearly over and, weather wise,  one that’s “going out like a lion” here.  We’re being battered quite hard by the south westerly gales right now.


Yesterday’s photo:  the sea wall at the end of the road, which was damaged in last winter’s gales, has still not been properly repaired in time for the storms we’re now experiencing.  The main structural defences are being torn apart and there’s a huge gap in the wall allowing the sea to wash away the land.  We might need to put our wellies on soon!


Another photo from yesterday:  not the biggest seas that Selsey has seen but it’s amazing that shingle 8 feet deep can disappear overnight.


Latest pics today: this part of Selsey gets the full force of the westerly gales.  James got very wet taking this shot!


A view across to the Lifeboat Station today.  Oh, it’s much safer on the canals!

Well, that’s the dramatics over with and it just remains for us to wish you all a very Happy New Year.  We’re looking forward to more canal adventures next year, sadly without Oscar.  Before then, however, we’ve got a few things planned - this time next week we should be on our way to Iceland and hopefully there will be some interesting pictures.


  1. What dramatic photo's of Selsey beach. Thank goodness for the safety of the inland waters! We hope you have a great holiday in Iceland and both Ian and I wish you a very Happy New Year.

  2. Hi, yes no problem you've added us to your blog roll, feel free to give us a shout out anytime! It would be great if we met up over this next year - do you guys have plans to be on the Macclesfield/T&M/ Peak Forest at any point? :)

  3. Sorry guys I've just seen your last comment! I'm still getting the hang of this blogger thing! We will be staying either on Maccs, peak or T&M as we only ever get around 2 weeks off at a time so can't go too far. Lucky you - 7 months continuously? Well jealous! Well, when you pass us we will definately have to meet up for a drink!