Friday, 13 May 2011

Our “Chance” has come!

We have been on Chance now for 2 days and at last beginning to relax on this Friday evening.  We have had 2 days of hectic moving in and jobs to be completed on the boat.   James has been lacquering table tops and bits and pieces and fitting fenders, whilst Doug has been unpacking, sorting out galley blinds which were wrong and had to be returned, and organising the boat.
Mark, Martin and Rachel have pulled out all the stops to get the last few jobs completed, they have been absolutely amazing!
Today, Doug sorted out the boat registration number and license which normally takes weeks!  but managed to get it in a day, our number is 520080!
Our eldest daughter Vicki and partner Tom, are coming up to see us for the for the weekend, so will try and post some pictures tomorrow.
Many thanks to everyone for all their good wishes. We have had some lovely comments - this is a really exciting time for us and we are looking forward to the Crick Boat Show and meeting up with friends and fellow bloggers!


  1. hope you enjoy your first trip in Nb "chance"

  2. Fantastic news, happy boating x

  3. Congratulations guys! How exciting to finally be afloat. We'll read on with interest.
    Elly and Mick

  4. Congratulations to you both and lots of happy cruising. See you out on the cut x

  5. congrats guys, hope you are both happy to be a float again. We'll read on with interest an look forward to meeting you soon.