Sunday, 22 May 2011

On our way to Crick

We set off early just before 7am to start our journey to Crick for the Boat show next weekend.


Leaving MGM Boats at Thurmaston making our way to Kilby Bridge for our first nights’ mooring.  We travelled through Leicester and we were surprised how much better the canal and river are through the city and suburbs since we came through three years ago on our previous boat.  There was much less rubbish in the water and on the footpaths, and we found the day to be much more enjoyable than we had expected, the weather stayed fine all day it tried to spit with rain at one stage but came to nothing and by the afternoon we were slapping on the sun lotion!


Kings Lock, just outside Leicester.  Oscar really seemed to enjoy being back on the boat again, he got off at most of the locks and had the odd walk when he felt like it!  We only passed three boats going in the opposite direction (and none going our way!!).  We snapped the rope holding the loop fender on the left side coming out of Gees Lock and we got the best part of a tarpaulin round the prop. at Belgrave Lock.  Sods’ law said that it had to happen only feet from the lock entrance and , without any steerage and power we hit the lock entrance with an alarming clunk!  A dab of black on the shoulder when we get to Crick and no one will be any the wiser. (James was at the tiller!)


We are now moored at Kilby Bridge and looking forward to having a roast dinner on board tonight.  I am trying out the new roasting bags I was recommended to use, so the oven stays clean for the Crick Show!  It is still windy this evening– as per the whole day.  Funny how wind masks the effect of bright sunshine! – sore foreheads for both. 


  1. So pleased you guys enjoyed your full day of boating. And it's great to hear that the canals and tow paths are cleaner than you had recalled. Pity about the fouled prop, but at least you got to try out your weed hatch!

  2. Dint scratch the ting at Foxton for heavens sake!

  3. Love your photos and your title pic.
    Hope you enjoy Crick next weekend, we shall be sorry to miss it this year.
    We have been battling with the wind too on the Chesterfield Canal, but enjoying a lovely sunset now across the fields.

  4. Hi Andy. Not too much damage as yet!! Foxton will be tommorrow.

    Hi Ian and Karen, Many Thanks for your comment, look forward to meeting up at some point. Doug

  5. It looks like all is going well, including the thump to the paintwork. You have now christened her. I hope all goes well at the crick Show. Lets hope the wind calms down, because the last time they had high winds there they shut the place down. Have fun and enjoy Foxton Locks.