Friday, 6 May 2011

Finishing Touches!

With, hopefully, a week to go before “Chance” is finished we are busy packing boxes and getting ready to move onto her. Our motorhome was sold and collected last week. So we are nearly ready to start our new adventure!

Chance 4th May 035

The roman blinds have been made and fitted – and look very good indeed.  We’ve aimed for a fairly restful feel inside – with the occasional highlight and we’re very happy with the results so far!

Chance 4th May 022

The radiator covers and shelves are complete and they transform the inside feel.

Chance 4th May 025

Both side hatches now have their internal glass doors fitted.  It’ll be real luxury to have light and no draughts. 

Chance 4th May 027

The galley is almost complete with doors and handles now fitted. It’s worth saying again that the standard of finish and care which Martin and Mark offer is amazing.  All the cupboard doors, including the main doors to the bathroom and all external door linings, are solid wood.  The galley wall cupboards have LED rope lighting concealed underneath (and the bathroom cabinet!)

Chance 4th May 033

The bathroom needs a few minor things for completion.  The  shaped mirror makes a nice feature and adds to feel of space.

Chance 4th May 030

The port holes now have their wooden internal trims.

Chance 4th May 042


  1. Chance is looking brilliant guys! Amazing how quick she has taken shape, you must be so pleased, and rightly so!

    Debbie x

  2. Hi Doug & James all looks really nice,...when is the show? What!!!!!! no sunroof? :)

    Marcy and Phil xx

  3. We are, thanks Debbie, hope all is well with you. Doug x

  4. Hi Marcy and Phil. The Crick show is the 27th - 29th May, looking forward to it and catching up with everyone. x

  5. Looking fabulous! Andy's finally posted about our meeting - told you he didn't post in real time ...! So you'll get a feel for how much progress has been made since then - it's huge! Love what's been done xxx

  6. Thanks Belle, commented on your blog, thanks for an amazing write up! See you soon. xx