Friday, 21 January 2011

It’s really happening!

We have been busy lately ordering various items for Chance, Flat screen TV, recorder,  and a pair of leather reclining chairs and foot stalls for the saloon.  We had these before on our previous narrow boat, and have been looking at various types in stores and hadn’t quite found what we were looking for, after looking on ebay last week I came across these:
Chairs 002Chairs 001
As we could return them if they were not what we were looking for,  we had been sent a leather swatch to check on the colour, as its difficult to tell what colour cream they are from a picture. They arrived within 3 days of ordering them, the salesman even called us on Sunday to confirm the order and that they were in stock, perfect service.  He also said that he was surprised how many of these recliner chairs have been bought for narrow boats. As we were so impressed with the chairs and the service I have posted the link should anyone be interested.
We are going back up to the boat at the weekend to check on “Chance’s” progress, so will post some more details shortly.


  1. Great post. We're after two chairs for Waiouru and your information is very useful.

  2. Hi Tom
    Have sent you an e-mail to give you more details
    Regards Doug