Monday, 29 September 2014

Still on Course!

Saturday evening’s special event nearly turned to disaster had it not been for the quick action of Captain Hashmi.  A new painting, being presented by Whitewall Galleries, decided to unveil itself before the captain could do it formally.


As the silk veil slipped downwards on its own he leapt forward and saved the day.  Not that he needed to demonstrate it, but the passengers now have total faith in his abilities.


The painting, of Jack Nicholson, although studded with diamond dust, received a mixed reception!


Later on during Saturday evening, after our Champagne “do” in the art gallery, we went to the Palladium Theatre (said to be the finest afloat) to see ……..


…… a most amazing performance by Fogwell Flax.  His observational comedy and impersonations (of people, but especially of trains and planes!) gave us a wonderful evening’s entertainment.


On Sunday morning we awoke to bright sunshine (which was to last all day) and to the maintenance department outside our window giving our lifeboat the ‘once over’  Luckily our windows are mirrored so we can remain private!


It’s less than a week that we’ve been on board (wonderfully it seems like we’ve been at sea for a month!) and now Doug has been chosen to help the ship’s company out. Due to staff illness he’s been asked to run the deck quoits as well as the whist.  Here he is dealing with the demands of the delightful “Killer Cathy” – all 4 feet 11 of her (yes, she’s shorter than Doug!).


After another great lecture on the future of military intelligence (!) James took  to the Sky Deck where, in the glorious sunshine, there were some tremendous sights to be had (spot the ship in this view):


Almost able to touch the ship’s funnel!


A panorama across the Sky Deck with all its satellite and communications equipment,  …..


….. a view forward across the retractable roof of the Neptune Pool and ……


……. looking aft from a great vantage point on the “wing”.   These last few shots show the most amazingly clear horizon that we’ve enjoyed all day…… and as the captain asked; “Can you see land? No! – good, then we’re still on course!”


After dinner on Sunday evening we went to see “Blame it on the Boogie” – one of the fantastic shows given by the Headliners theatre company.  It’s a shame we’re not allowed to take photos!  At the end of the show we have chance to show our appreciation with some of the performers.  This is James, one of the singer / dancers (they sing and dance at the same time!)  He’s quite keen to go for a shower and a rest at this point in time!

The rest of evening we spent chatting and having fun with cruise director Christine in the piano bar. Another late night, at least the clocks go back an hour again tonite!

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  1. Who would have thought that P&O have their own peeping toms... LOL