Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A Day Out!

Yesterday, after a weekend of boat maintenance we had a trip out.


In the morning we were in the middle of Leicester ……….


…….. and an hour and a quarter later we were standing outside King’s Cross St Pancras station in London.  After a quick bus ride to Aldwych we took a walk through the city proper (the Square Mile).


The first chance we took was a visit inside the beautiful and inspiring RAF church of St Clement Danes – the last resting place of Margaret Thatcher.


In Fleet Street we found one of the tallest, thinnest and oldest pubs in the city.  A Guinness and a coffee was £7:45 compared to just hours before in Leicester where two pints of Guinness was £4:30!


Getting to the top of Ludgate Hill we got a marvellous view of St Paul’s Cathedral …….


…… and further on the dramatic “Walkie Talkie” rose above the traditional architecture.


We understand that the curved face of glass (facing south) has the effect of concentrating the suns rays on certain unfortunate points elsewhere! Consequently they’ve had to shroud the building in fabric which gives the window cleaners a bit of  a nightmare!


We wanted to see the poppy display in the moat of the Tower of London.


Marking the 100 year anniversary of the outbreak of WWI the evolving art of  888,246 poppies, the last one of which will be placed on November 11th - it’s absolutely stunning.


We had a bite to eat at Zizzi’s near the Tower before heading to Soho for a quick sojourn and then it was down to the Leicester Square theatre for the main reason for our day out ……….

……. the first night of the Betty Legs Diamond show.  Being great fans of Betty Legs, and not having seen “her” since 2008 when she worked in Blackpool, it was great fun to witness her brilliant talents.

It was very entertaining and hilarious fun ……….

…… with much glamour as well!

The train back to Leicester took a little longer than the one to London but we got back to “Chance” at 2 o’ clock in the morning after a fantastic day out.


  1. I called in to see you both yesterday afternoon, on my way back from a run to Stansted airport... guess what, you were OUT! LOL

    Your 'social secretary', a lady in a warehouse coat who was busy rummaging through a box of brass hinges, advised me that you'd 'abandoned ship' and gone to the 'Big City'

    Henceforth I will be retiring from my unofficial position of a 'Chance' stalker... LOL

    Glad to see that you had a good day out though :)

  2. Hi Kevin, We assumed it might be you when we were told you came yesterday, So sorry we missed you! Hope to meet up sometime in the future.....