Sunday, 21 September 2014

All over the place!

On Thursday last week, while Doug was taking Manel to the airport, James took “Chance” to Brinklow  marina for a few weeks “storage”.


It’s just an observation but on the way to Brinklow James passed some fairly major work going on just outside Rugby. The canal is being straightened on the opposite side to the towpath along a hundred yard length, where posts and fabric are being positioned with infill behind.  Not five hundred yards away the edge of the canal at the Rugby water point is positively dangerous for users wishing to fill with water and it has been like that for as long as we can remember. Obviously that is not a priority over this work.


Anyway, once settled in at Brinklow, and Doug back from the airport, there was the usual jobs to do and the car to be packed up.  In the evening we met up with John, the marina harbour master, over a few beers (J2O for James!) and a very nice meal.  Deciding to make the most of 24 hours in the day we set off in the late evening for our journey south to Sussex, arriving at 12.30am .  Thankfully we only experienced the tail end of the atrocious thunder storms that night …….


…… but the next morning, in true Selsey style, it was bright sunshine again and, not usually photographed very much, the High Street was buzzing as normal.


The weather was so good that we decided, after a load of household chores were completed, to combine resources with our neighbours, Nigel and Michele, and toddle the hundred yards to the beach with a few bottles of wine and some nibbles.


After the shadows lengthened, and the wine had run out, we made our ways home again – Michele, who hadn’t quite finished, also toddled the hundred yards back home gently sipping from her lovely yellow glass.  What will the neighbours think!


James was overdressed for the occasion but as there wasn’t a soul around it didn’t matter.

It’s Sunday, and after a three day turn round at home, we’re busy packing suitcases for another adventure tomorrow.

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  1. I exchanged several e-mails with BW and CRT about the poor state of the boggy edging by Rugby watertap.
    In reply they indicated that there were other watertaps we could use at Newbold and Hillmorton!
    Or, we could put our plank out to reach the tap!
    In conclusion they said that they were monitoring the bank there.
    I was dismayed by their unhelpful replies and asked them if they were waiting for a breach before making the area safe.
    I then gave up.
    Ann nb Oakfield