Wednesday, 3 September 2014

It’s just one blogger after another.

Our evening in Fradley was a great pleasure as always.  We went to the Black Swan for our celebratory meal of very good quality (even if it wasn’t it wouldn’t matter –there’s just something about the “Mucky Duck”).


Answers on a postcard please as to what this stands for.  Boaters prohibited from applying!


This is just a reminder of where you are if you’re too far gone to remember.


The evening got even better when we had a visit from fellow blogger Nev on nb “Percy”.  It was our first time of meeting and we had a great couple of hours together.  It was good to meet you at last Nev and it would be great to meet up again soon.


We left Fradley on Tuesday morning leaving behind the lovely old, and very narrow, bridges which accompany each lock.


Not far down the cut we arrived in the charming village of Alrewas, home to the National Memorial Arboretum, where the graffiti is of the highest standard …….


…….. and much of the property is picture post card stuff.  We  didn’t stop to visit the National Memorial this time, which turned out to be fortuitous as there were fairly long delays ahead of us at all the locks.


At Alrewas lock the canal merges briefly with the River Trent, which then soon plunges over a large weir (the river not the canal!)  From this point the towpath traverses over a millstream, the main river channel and a series of backwaters by a long causeway.


We eventually arrived at our destination for the evening close to the Bridge Inn (bridge 34) at Branston.  As “Chance” was in a bit of a pickle we set about some serious cleaning ……


….. until at last it shone like a new boat again.  The moorings at bridge 34 are lovely, with wide mown grass and great views across to the escarpment marking the start of the old Forest of Needwood.


Our mission to get to bridge 34 was to meet up with friends and fellow bloggers Sue and Richard (and their three greyhounds) for a meal at the Bridge Inn. It was so good of them to use their car to get to us as they were too far behind us on nb “Indigo Dream” to catch up.  We had a good Italian meal but the company was even better.


Afterwards we all went back to “Chance” for coffee and more chat. It shows just how much room three greyhounds take up! Thanks for a great evening guys and coming out to see us!


Today (Wednesday),  travelling just a short distance from our Branston moorings, we met John and Jan (also friends and fellow bloggers!) on nb “Jubilee” coming the opposite direction.  After getting both boats moored up we went for a chat and a coffee on board “Jubilee” ………..


……. which then, by kind invitation,  turned into lunch.  After a short three hours (doesn’t time fly when you get chatting!) both boats continued their opposite journeys.  We had a wonderful get together John and Jan – thanks so much.  We forever wonder what’s round the next corner of this long thin strip of water!

Another great few days on the cut!


  1. Really good to see you again, and thanks for providing the wine!

  2. Hi Doug, James. I think we may miss you this time. We're in Crick Marina for the weekend, then we'll take a steady run over the summit and onto the Soar. I wouldn't expect to be at Thurmaston till the middle of the month at the earliest. Shame. Next time, eh.