Thursday, 4 September 2014

From canal to river.

Leaving Branston yesterday the canal took us through Burton upon Trent.


The only pic. we have of yesterday’s journey is of the magnificently named Horninglow Wharf. special to us as the birthplace of our previous MGM boat “Spirit”.


At the end of the day, which saw us back to double locks after the luxury of singles, we took the opportunity to moor up at the Ragley Boat Stop.  Much improved since we used it last, the gardens are tended well and the huge lawn between the pub and canal is nicely kept.


After our night at Ragley Boat Stop (listening to the occasional night freight trains passing close by) we set off with a view to getting a few miles under our belts (namely about twenty).   At Swarkestone Stop, where the old Derby canal meets the Trent and Mersey, the old Junction House is about all that remains of the once busy junction.


The mileposts have been counting down the distance to Shardlow from the moment we got on the T & M at Preston Brook – finally we arrived.  Much of the original canal buildings and warehouses still exist and in good condition.  The Clock Warehouse, on the right of the lock, is very impressive.


Once through Derwent Mouth lock we were on the “crossroads” of where the canal meets the Derwent on the left and the Trent on the right.


This was our chance to let “Chance” of the leash.  With the throttle set at 2000 revs we motored down the Trent towards the bridge carrying the M1. 


Briefly off the Trent to pass through Sawley (with nearby Ratcliffe power station looming through the mist) then through Sawley locks and back on the R Trent for the short run to Trent Lock. 


At Kegworth Deep Lock ‘the workforce’ took a bit of a break as the lock took its time to fill.

After a few more miles we came to a good mooring for the night near Pillings Marina.  It’s been a good day’s run.


  1. I really don't know what it is about South Derbyshire, I just can't get you boaters to slow down. I'm sorry that I missed the Chance to meet you both today, like I missed nb Jubilee recently too :(
    Hopefully I'll catch up with you one day, enjoy your trip.

    1. Hi Kevin, We wondered if we might see you, sorry that we missed you were on a bit of a mission to get to our boatbuilders in Thurmaston. All the best Doug and James