Thursday, 11 September 2014

Home Alone.

The last few days have been incredibly busy for both of us although in different places.  Doug took the train home to Chichester on Tuesday (and came back by car today).  His efforts are unrecorded but included much gardening, housework and catching up with friends and neighbours.


James stayed behind on the boat to do the inevitable – cleaning, maintaining and repairing things.  We had a small repair to the rear door done by MGM and James did the rest – Mikuni service, varnishing of woodwork, stove blacking (horrendous job!) etc. 


There was the usual cleaning and polishing of course and much needed sorting out out of lockers.  Even the engine room wasn’t spared the polish!


Today James took “Chance” up to Leicester marina for a  pump out.  The one and only lock was a devil as it was losing more water than the top paddles were delivering and, not being that familiar (!) with lock operation, he needed some help with the gates.  On the way back James followed two boats down – one had a very unusual Captain!


As an aside, MGM have a 70 foot “paint job” in at the moment which is amazing.  This is the boat before (actually it’s the bit sticking out of the paint shed that hasn’t been given the makeover yet) ……..



……. and this is after!  The artwork on the rear panels is superb and the colour scheme very pleasant.  James had enough on his plate with jobs on “Chance” but, as he enjoys something different occasionally, did manage an hour or two giving a hand on this job.  Doug drove back and arrived late this afternoon equally as tired as James but we have a lot of good work under our belts. 

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