Saturday, 27 September 2014

Still all at sea.

It’s Saturday and we’re more than half way to America – we should arrive in New York on Tuesday.


Life aboard goes on but not quite as busy as ‘normal’.  This is the longest cruise we’ve done so far and we’re pacing ourselves for a raft of port days along the east coast of the USA next week.  Nevertheless James is attending lots of lectures (this is one of thirteen given by Squadron Leader Derek Clark on his career in military defence) and Doug is hosting the afternoon whist sessions but are getting so popular he will soon need a bigger room!


Interspersing with a few shots of the ship’s interior (this is the ceiling above the main staircase) ……..


….. and some facts and figures for the technically inclined.


James always feels good that “Chance” runs for an hour on a litre and a half of diesel – this display of facts shows that “Arcadia” moves just 58 feet for every gallon!


We occasionally visit the' ‘Crows Nest’ in the late evening for an attempt at the syndicate quiz.  Our team of six here on Friday consists of Andrew, Doug, Theresa, James, Marion, and Elaine.  No, we didn’t win!


Back in the cabin after an enjoyable Friday evening – a ‘selfie’.


Deck quoits is well attended despite the North Atlantic wind which is so strong it stops us from throwing the quoits into the wind!


More shots inside the ship – this is the casino (which Doug hasn’t visited yet!) …..


……. and the Art Gallery, which we spend quite a lot of time in.  There have been some very informative art lectures …..

…… but the main gallery attraction is the bubbly, lovely and very clever Jess who runs it and, with assistant Ben, presents the lectures and, more importantly, regularly lubricates her customers (us!) with Champagne.  Captain Aseem Hashmi is as amusing as he is competent (being a commercial pilot as well as a ship’s captain!) and, after his hour long presentation into the technology and practicalities of navigating and operating the ship AND his midday broadcast, we had an hysterical half hour in his company here in the gallery.


Doug, Captain Hashmi and Jess.

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