Saturday, 29 March 2014

Quick visits to Palma and Barcelona

Over the last couple of days we’ve continued to be entertained and to entertain.


We been treated to a couple of brilliant performances by Jimmy James – famous from many years ago with the Vagabonds.  Although he’s the best part of eighty he’s still a great performer.


We continue to enjoy late nights with whoever is still awake.  On this occasion we had dinner with the lovely Marie, who’s “Glampacking” her way around Europe and decided to take a last minute cruise, and then met up with the equally lovely Max, one of the ship’s photographers, for a late night drink. Marie, James, Max and Doug.


We’ve taken to sporting some rather swish colours of late – James’ cummerbund has ridden up a bit high hasn’t it! 


We docked in Palma, Mallorca on Friday morning and had a delightful walk around the city to familiarise ourselves.


The Cathedral, as so often is the case, is too big to get in view! ………


…….. but getting out of the city we got a better view of the Cathedral with the Palace de la Almundaina next to it………..


………. and before we returned to the ship for the evening we were hunted down by Laurie and David, a couple of the entertainment officers, for a pre-boarding drink.


Once on the ship it was straight up to the sailaway party for some fun and games before dinner.


This morning (Saturday) we docked early in Barcelona.  As it was our first visit to the city we used it as a familiarisation exercise as we’re going to be returning to the area in the next few weeks and will have more time for a better look around this beautiful city.  The cathedral is massive as usual but we were not allowed in as we were wearing shorts! 


The Gothic Quarter is full of the most amazing narrow streets………


…….. and, after a quick ride on the metro, we arrived at the spectacular and bizarre Temple de la Sagrada Familia which is still being built and restored.  It’s one of many works in the city by Antonio Gaudi and one we’ll definitely be visiting properly on our next visit.

The weather today has not been great but we still kept our shorts on (unlike everyone else who seemed to think winter had returned).  The wind has been very strong and the cable cars, which we’d like to have used, were not in use. And due to strong winds, the sea conditions outside to the port looks pretty choppy for the next leg of journey to Toulon. Tomorrow is another day at sea…


  1. Look at the colour of you two!!!
    Nice to read you're having a wonderful time, keep it up x

  2. Beautiful pics of Barcelona! Thanks for sharing!